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Helping commercial and residential distressed property owners restructure existing mortgage loans.

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We are experts in helping homeowners and real estate investors seeking to negotiate, reduce and settle mortgage payments and balances with lenders and/or third-party debt collectors. On behalf of the property owner, we negotiate mortgage loan modifications, deeds in lieu, short payoffs and loan workouts.


We assist clients in gathering all of the necessary loan and financial documents. Most of our clients give us authorization to communicate and negotiate on their behalf with lenders. We work closely with each client’s professional team, which usually includes an attorney, accountant, and/or real estate broker.


We have partnered with Luxor Homes & Investment Realty, a New York City-based real estate brokerage, to provide real estate research services to clients seeking information about properties located in New York.

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Helping Distressed Property Owners

We assist property owners with obtaining actionable and relevant information concerning the mortgage loan. We advise our clients to request certain documents from lenders through formal Information and RESPA requests.

Valuable Research


We provide premium real estate research services to help you make informed, intelligent decisions.


Dedicated to Helping Homeowners


Homeowners and real estate investors have trusted the Aline Restructuring Group team to help them best navigate the default and foreclosure process. We are dedicated to helping all of our clients get out of difficult situations.