Augustine Diji and His Experienced Team Offer New York Real Estate Consulting Services Focused on Distressed Properties

Aline Restructuring Group works with New York City homeowners and property investors seeking to negotiate, reduce and/or settle outstanding mortgage loan payments or balances. We have successfully negotiated principle reductions, interest rate reductions, short payoffs, debt settlements, deeds-in-lieu and arms-length short sales for our york city real estate, new york city debt relief, new york city loan modification

We provide owners of distressed properties with actionable information and guidance, allowing them to manage risks and maximize benefits from a restructuring of existing mortgage loan debt. Many of our clients have made the conscious decision to stop allocating cash resources towards the payment of a mortgage loan. Their primary goal is to utilize a strategic default so they can improve their financial position.

A properly executed strategic default allows our clients to achieve three primary objectives: 1) encourage a lender to re-negotiate the terms of an existing mortgage loan, 2) reallocate available cash to better uses thereby obtaining better returns, 3) give clients enough time to maximize the utility and value of their properties, and 4) give our clients enough time to restructure and improve their finances. Our clients primary goal is to keep their property. 


The first step is to learn about each client’s unique set of issues and circumstances and develop a written action plan based on their objectives. We make sure clients complete each task in the written action plan. Typically, the main objective is to reduce the monthly mortgage payments by obtaining an interest-rate reduction, principle reduction, an increase in the mortgage term and/or a combination of the prior outlined options. Some clients also seek to pay off the entire loan balance if it is discounted by the lender. Ultimately our clients expect to resolve the loan default with the lender.

We assist clients in gathering all of the necessary loan and financial documents. Many give us authorization to communicate and negotiate on their behalf with lenders. We work closely with each client’s professional team, which usually includes an attorney, accountant, and real estate broker.


Our work process is straightforward and transparent. We provide our clients with regular email or phone updates, assist them in developing realistic expectations of the various outcomes and help achieve their objectives by always remaining proactive with lenders until the final outcome.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.